Engagement Poses – How to Make Them Memorable

It’s official now. You are engaged. You are on top of the world and you want everyone to know. These wonderful, fleeting moments need to be captured in lens and what better way than through engagement photos that you can share with everyone.
Engagement Pose with Moon

Engagement photos can tell the world about the upcoming event and show the chemistry – the spark – you share with your fiancé.

Show Your Love with Your  Engagement Photos

Engagement poses are a great way to show your love and affection in a creative way. You can keep them casual, make them interesting and even entertaining. Engagement shots are all about love and so you can be playful or serious, and choose PDA (public displays of affection) to capture the love and passion. You want your photos to be personal and capture the essence of the relationship.

Get Creative with Engagement Poses

How would you like your engagement photos to be taken? Here are a few ideas that may help you to immortalize your emotions.

Choose the right backdrop – The backdrop is very important for engagement shoots. Outdoors is best for creating a spectacular backdrop. A garden, a park, your yard, or even a shaded road can add natural elements to the photos. You can also shoot the photos at the location where you met. It can be the local bar, library or discotheque. In this way, your engagement poses would always fondly remind you of the beginning of your love story.

Sitting Together

Keep it romantic – Hold hands, look into your fiancé’s eyes, hug or kiss; you can do anything for your engagement snaps as long as you look natural and involved in them. A couple kissing against the rising sun or in the fields is a classic shot.

Sunset Kiss - Engagement Photo

You can lean on a tree or sit on a staircase and hug your fiancé. Walking hand-in-hand is another favorite engagement pose.

If you have pets or children, you can get them in the photos, too.

Engagment photo with couples child

Using props like letters spelling your name or balloons would make the photos more joyful. How about the lovebirds biting into a cupcake or sharing a milkshake?

Choose your look – You can look romantic, happy, joyful and even funny in your engagement snaps. Props like balloons and ice creams add joy to the snaps, while flowers and cards and letters make them romantic.

Wedding Date

And when it comes to props, don’t forget about the engagement ring!

The Engagment ring

You can choose to get very close to show your chemistry. Kissing on the forehead, lip locking, one foot up and hugging from behind are some poses that couples like a lot.

The Kiss

You can go vintage and shoot in retro dress and pose and even use an old car at the backdrop. Keeping the snap black-and-white would create a different appeal.

These are just a few ideas. Let your creativity run wild and you will come up with unique ideas of your own. Whatever poses you choose, look normal and let your love sweep over you to create the most memorable engagement photos.

All photos (except first one) by Jaime Blakeley at K. Eden Photos

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