My Cruise Through the Caribbean

Hello! My name is Vadym Grebniev. I’m from Ukraine. A few years ago I was lucky to cruise in the Caribbean and get the awesome opportunities to take pictures. I loved it! I used a variety of cameras for these shots, including a Sony, a Nikon, and an Olympus. You can click on these shots to see a larger version.
Photographer Vadym Grebniev

This is me on top of the tower in Key West, Florida. Amazing place just 90 miles from Cuba!

Paradise Island Resort

This picture was made in Atlantis, a huge and famous resort on Paradise island, Nassau, Bahamas. It’s a great place to visit, besides the casino, inside there is a lot of room for a good shots, no matter what you choose.

Yachts in Atlantis

Atlantis has a lot of expensive yachts, which can give a touch of luxury to any picture. This picture is made in partially cloudy weather in the afternoon.


On The Caymen Islands
Grand Cayman is an island with very hot weather. Luckily fresh coconut juice is available directly on the street with a price twice cheaper than a beer)))
Belize Jungle
A view from the top of the hill into the heart of the jungles of Belize.

Underground cave in Belize

There is a long and deep cave under the hill in Belize. A last shot before underground river will take me to complete darkness!


A Stork in Key West

This picture was taken in Key West, Florida, southernmost point of USA. This little town has many wonders and the stork on the street is only one of them. I couldn’t leave it out of my lens!

Those are a few of my pictures from my cruise through the Caribbean. I hope you have enjoyed them. I recommend everybody to go there. Life is too short to miss it!

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