Blurry Moving Object

Shooting Moving Targets without Blur

Not only is it hard to catch moving targets in the frame, it’s also hard to keep the image from blurring. Here are a few tricks of the trade that you can learn.

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Pet Photography

Pet Photography – Tips for Taking Your Pet’s Photo

Pet photography produces some of the most-treasured photos you will ever take.  Using these techniques will assist you in capturing those treasures.

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White Balance Examples

It’s A Balancing Act – Understanding and Using White Balance

Many photographers think the white balance feature is too complex to use. In reality, white balance is easy to both understand and use.

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Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography: How to Capture Great Portrait Poses

Capturing stunning portrait images is not all that difficult. If you know the right poses to use, you can capture some terrific portrait shots.   

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Drone Arial Photography Tips

Most drones that are available nowadays come with a built-in camera and a high quality one at that. Here are some tips to remember when taking pictures or shooting videos from your drone!

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Still Life Skull

Still Life Photography – 9 Steps to Perfection

Still life photography is one of the oldest of the photographic practices, and there is a reason for this. When photography was first started it was necessary for exposures to be quite long, so static objects were the perfect studies since they did not move.

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The Secrets to Getting Great Nature Shots

To shoot that magical nature image, you have to invest time outside – lots of it. And that is the true secret to shooting nature photography.

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Capturing the Beauty of Sunrises and Sunsets

Including an object in the foreground imparts a sense of scale. Because your subject will be a silhouette in sunset photos, it must be recognizable by shape alone.

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10 Steps to Editing Your Micro Stock Photography Images

Most micro stock photography image agencies have high image quality standards. Consider these 10 tips before actually uploading your images.

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Know Your Camera

Top 3 Mistakes New Digital Photographers Make

New digital photographers often make mistakes that can result in discouragement or even failed careers. Here are 3 of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Buying A Digital Camera

A Quick Guide to Buying the Perfect Digital Camera

If you want to be a great digital photographer, you’re going to want a great digital camera. But there are so many options available. How will you choose the perfect digital camera for you?

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Quirky Wedding Photos

Want to Take Unique Wedding Shots?

Want to take unique wedding shots? Here are a few ideas for taking unique wedding shots that will make people remember their wedding album for years.

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