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Photographer CharlieHello Everyone! I’m Irina and I have two passions: people watching and writing. Yesterday I had to buy a product that can be found only at one supermarket near my home. Just like most people I had my iPhone with me – maybe I’d receive an important phone call, maybe I would see something interesting and worth sharing.

What you’re about to see are some scenes I witnessed on my way to said supermarket and back, with one shot inside the store. I currently live in Bucharest and I like it, but I do hope to move to another country soon. In any case, do plan a trip to this city because you won’t regret it.

Currently, there are some two weeks left until Orthodox Easter, and these images reflect this aspect.

The Art Stand

Easter is a good excuse to buy something new and pretty. It can be for personal use, to offer as a gift, or to just display in your house. Some local and unknown artist painted these and now they’re trying to sell them inside a small shopping center.

An Art Stand
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Crossing the Street

Romania has rules when it comes to crossing the street. We do have traffic lights and other markings indicating when and where people can cross the street. But it is not uncommon to see people breaking those rules. These folks were caught on camera, but they had an excuse: the traffic was light at the moment.

Crossing the Street

Crossroads at Night

This is an image from a previous trip to the city, taken at night. It is a window view, taken from the 5th floor at about 2am. The city looks deserted, but there were a few cars waiting at the traffic lights.. they just don’t appear in the picture.

The Crossroads at Night

Easter Stock

The supermarkets have many full shelves with chocolate eggs, and other chocolate figurines, at this time of the year. This is just a really small sample in a smaller supermarket. I didn’t pay attention to the prices though, but whatever doesn’t sell goes on sale after Easter.

Easter Stock

Religious Icons

Easter and Christmas are the two main celebrations in the Orthodox calendar. People suddenly become more religious around the time of these celebrations. These handmade icons and crosses are actually quite cheap and will sell quickly at this time of year.


Market Place

This is a really small market place. It also seems a little overpriced. The stands used to be outside a larger building, but things changed when the cold season came. Fresh fruits and vegetables appeal to everyone, no matter their age or looks.

The Marketplace

Shopping Bags

This lady was waiting to get on the bus after she went shopping for groceries. This particular supermarket has some minibusses that offer free rides to and from the supermarket. The busses have numbers and follow specific routes. The lady and I needed the same bus to go home.

Shopping Bags

Waiting for the Bus

The group of people across the street were waiting for a public transportation bus. The few people on my side of the road were also waiting for a public transportation bus. The bus station is usually marked by a pole with a piece of iron at the top. Each stop has a name, and the name is written on that piece of metal. The busses that stop there are also  mentioned on the piece of metal. Looking carefully, this pole is noticeable in the bus station from across the street, right behind the taxi. All taxis are yellow in Bucharest.

Waiting for the Bus

I hope you enjoyed my shopping trip in Bucharest as much as I enjoyed taking the pictures.

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    • Mickey S.
    • June 21, 2015

    Wow, this is really interesting!
    Thanks for this!

    • Johan
    • September 14, 2015

    I visited Bucharest once when I was young. This really brings back the memories.

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