Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding photography is a wonderful profession which can reward you with a handsome amount of money. It can allow you to work in wonderful locations with wonderful people.

Wedding Photography

If you are an amateur photographer and new to the profession of wedding photography, then here are some helpful tips for you.

    • Visit the locations: You must go around the different places where you would be shooting before the day of the wedding. It will give you some bright ideas about where and how to take some shots. You would also get an idea about the amount of light in those places. You can also convince the couple for a few test shots in these locations.
    •  Be well prepared: You must have a good backup plan always. Things can go wrong anytime and so you should be well prepared. You should not forget to keep extra camera, memory cards and batteries with you. You should also plan out the time, lighting and places of the shoot.
    • Switch off the sound of the camera: This is one mistake that you cannot afford to do. It would be really awkward if the wedding speeches and the vows of the wedding are interrupted by the frequent beeping or clicking of your camera. Therefore, remember to switch off the sound of the camera.
    • Shoot the tiny details of the wedding: You must take photographs of dresses, shoes, rings, table settings, flowers and menu. When you shoot the tiny details of the wedding, it will give the wedding album a brilliant dimension. If you want some inspiration, then you can leaf through the pages of a wedding magazine.

Wedding Rings

  • Look for a good background: The background plays an integral role in wedding photography. Although it is quite a challenge to find a perfect background, you should select a background which will enhance the look of the photographs. You must look for a background which is uncluttered and if you are shooting outside, then you should look for a shaded spot.
  • Do not delete any photograph: Since you are using a digital camera, it’s normal for you to look at the photographs and delete the ones that are not good. However, you should not delete any photograph unless you have transferred them in your computer and have taken a close look at them.
  • Be creative: A photographer must be creative in order to be successful. Therefore, without being scared, experiment on some of your shots. Be a little creative.

Apart from following these 7 tips, you should talk with the couple and tell them about your style of work. You should set proper expectations with them to avoid any future problem. These tips will surely help you in your wedding photography.

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