Want to Take Unique Wedding Shots?

    Bride and Groom Having Fun

The bride walking down the aisle. The couple taking the wedding vow. The groom kissing his bride. These are all wedding shots that are eternal, and you don’t want to miss them. For the rest, you can use your creativity and take many unique shots to give the entire wedding album a new look and feel. Here are a few ideas for taking unique wedding shots that will make people remember their wedding album for years.

Go for a quirky backdrop

Wedding photos should showcase the personalities of the bride and the groom. So, let’s say if the couple is really into films, shoot their wedding photos in a theater. If the couple is young, use the classroom or the library as a theme. If they love pets, get pets in the shoot.

Wedding Photography

To make the album dramatic, use abandoned locations like a mill or a factory. You can even choose a horror theme or any favorite movie franchise for inspiration.

Keep it funny and unique

Most wedding albums include several snaps of the bride tossing the bouquet and the bridesmaids catching it. Take this shot from a different angle to make it exclusive. You can take it from the back or shoot from below with everyone’s hands high up on the air. Why not experiment with the shoes? Have the bridesmaids toss their shoes in the air.

Throwing the Bridal Bouquet

The groomsmen are usually dressed in tuxs or formal suits in the wedding. Have them wear vests or t-shirts printed with cartoon characters or superhuman characters like batman or superman and take a photo of them ripping apart the shirts to let the superheroes peek from inside.

Quirky Wedding Photos

Use colorful props like balloons, umbrellas or balls to prep up the group photos. You can even have everyone play volleyball or basketball or soccer in their wedding outfits and take snaps. Those shots would be hilarious and make everyone burst out laughing.

Balloons at Wedding

Create your own statement

Use your creativity to add exclusivity to the photos you take. If there is a lake or water body nearby, take a snap with everybody’s reflections in the water. You can make the bride and the groom stand on a hilltop and reach out for the sky. That would make an excellent subject. The wedding guests walking past a forest or a garden in a file would be another memorable shot that you can plan and take.

Wedding Photography


Mirrors can be used to add drama to the photos. Capture the image of the bride getting ready through a mirror.

Bride in the Mirror

Your creativity and an urge to experiment with different backdrops and props to take unique photos would help you create albums that carry your own statement. Indulge yourself and show the world how unique wedding photos can get.

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