Nikon D7100 – The Best DX Digital SLR Camera 2013?

Nikon D7100 Digital Camera
The Nikon D7100 DX-format digital SLR camera is the recipient of the European Camera 2013-2014 award presented by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA).

Nikon has delivered a number of surprises in the digital SLR camera market in recent years, and the D7100 looks set to continue the trend. The earlier D7000 is still regarded as one of the best DX format cameras available, and falling prices make it even more appealing. The D7100 builds on the success of the previous model and adds a number of features that make it an outstanding DSLR for the price.

Picking up the D7100, you can immediately feel the build quality that you would expect from Nikon. Textured coatings on the grips make it comfortable to hold, and the body isn’t excessively heavy. Details like this really count if you need to use a camera for all day shoots. Weatherproof seals mean that you can use the D7100 outdoors in rain and snow without having to worry about the sensitive mechanism getting wet.

Looking at test shots taken with the D7100, the sharpness and level of detail are striking. With the same twenty-four megapixel engine as Nikon’s D3200 and D5200, the D7100 has the processing power to deliver amazing results. The removal of the anti-aliasing filter inside the D7100 means that resolution is outstanding. Photographs will very rarely need extra sharpening in the digital darkroom thanks to the technology Nikon has loaded into this camera.

One of the criticisms of earlier DSLR cameras is that the autofocus (AF) mechanisms can lack speed and accuracy. The D7100 has 51 AF points and is able to focus in a fraction of a second, making it perfect for sports and action photographers. The camera can shoot at seven frames a second, so there’s little chance of missing the critical moment.

The D7100 is the perfect digital camera for photographers who like to shoot a wide range of subjects. The resolution and sharpness are great for landscape and portrait shots, and the focussing and processing speed make it a great tool for sports and wildlife photography. The D7100’s sensor can deal with a range of lighting conditions, and shots taken at ISO6400 show very little signs of noise.

Nikon enthusiasts won’t be disappointed with the D7100, and it’s certainly excellent value of money compared with many other cameras on the market. The range of Nikon lenses available makes this DSLR a very attractive option for anyone looking to upgrade from a more basic camera. Although the D7100 offers features you would expect to find in a professional-level DSLR, it’s easy to operate and will deliver great results for less experienced users.

Fans of Canon DSLRs may be interested to compare the Nikon D7100 with the Canon 7D. The Nikon camera offers higher image quality, greater dynamic range and a larger display screen. The Canon 7D is slightly cheaper to buy and may have greater appeal to sports photographers with its ability to shoot at eight frames a second. Although the 7D has a thinner body, the D7100 is some twenty percent lighter.

Nikon has packed an incredible amount of camera technology into the D7100, and it’s sure to be one of the most popular DSLRs of 2013.

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